Create + Profit Summit // Getting your Small Biz Show on the Road for 2018

I always find it a little challenging to get my head in gear after the Christmas holidays.

My new planner sits here on my desk staring me down with it’s glaringly white pages, begging me to fill it with dates and deadlines…and ideas.

And I can usually do that pretty well, but lately I find that I’m so full of ideas that it almost stumps me. Like if I can’t do them ALL, I can’t do any of them.

How to start.

How to start.

If you’re a creative person, a maker, or an entrepreneur especially, you feel it too. I know you do.

Maybe, like me, you spent the better part of 2017 working your tail off to make a living doing something that you love, with wild dreams of having a successful business, but found yourself spinning your wheels with goals unmet by ball drop on December 31st.

I know this entrepreneur’s life can be a real struggle. You might even be spending these first few weeks of the new year feeling like maybe you can’t do this anymore, or like you need to make some big changes but you just aren’t sure what they are.

I’m with you.


What helps me during these dark January days (a lot) is building up my community of people who can not only relate, but who have tools to share. I try to take advantage of this slower time of year to get my ducks in a row and dig a little deeper by listening to new podcasts (here’s a current fave), doing some online courses and generally finding the inspiration to pull me out of my funk.

And it works.

Recently my good friend Amy Eaton (the photographer behind the images on my website btw!) started working with a colleague on a project that has me really excited.

It’s a virtual summit that’s taking place January 22nd to 26th called Create + Profit and I think it is EXACTLY what you need (esp if you’re a handmade seller) to get you inspired, moving, focused, productive and PROFITABLE for 2018.

If you’ve been struggling to work out your business kinks on your own, Create + Profit is going to help you figure out why. Because I am confident that regardless of what you create, there is a HUGE customer base out there just waiting to discover what it is you have to offer the world.

See, the thing is, “making it” in the handmade game is not one of those “if you build it, they will come” kind of situations.

It takes a huge amount of knowledge, brand positioning, self promotion, pricing strategy, research, hustle etc etc etc.

Wrapping your head around everything you need to do to launch or elevate an existing brand or product can be completely overwhelming. Which is basically why this whole thing has me so pumped.

Do I sound like an infomercial?

I sound like an infomercial and I don’t even care.

I’m almost done gushing.

Create + Profit summit is completely FREE (with an option to upgrade – see graphic below) and consists of 10 expert presentations covering everything you need to take your business a whole new level.

We’re talking craft shows (I happen to be the speaker on this one..but I didn’t get paid or anything so you know I’m coming from an honest place), wholesale, pricing what you’re worth (and what will sell), sales psychology, Etsy & Amazon search algorithms, photography, writing product description, accounting, using popular social media sites to growing your customer base, and more.

It kicks off January 22nd so grab your FREE ticket and I’ll hope to (virtually) see you there!

Create & Profit Free vs All-Access

NOTE: C+P has two options for attendees.

  • Free. This option includes 24 video replay acces and bonus resources (including some great downloads like my “How to Rock a Craft Show” basics!)
  • All-access pass.  After signing up for the free ticket, participants will have the opportunity to upgrade to the all-access pass. This option includes lifetime access to the video replays, an invitation to our exclusive Create + Profit pop-up Facebook group, daily Live Q&As, and bonus trainings and resources. The pricing for the all-access pass is as follows:
    • $79 until January 15th (Early Bird pricing)
    • $99 from January 16th – 23rd
    • $199 from January 23rd onward


    Make, Shop

    Our Spooktacular Window // Meet the Bash Sisters

    A few weeks ago I was spilling my guts over on my Instagram stories about how I never have time to keep my shop windows up to date.

    With Hallowe’en around the corner, our (and I’m embarassed to say this) CANADA DAY windows were looking a lot dated, and I was not-so-subtly whining about how nice it would be if someone would give me “suggestions” re: what I should do with them.

    I received LOADS of ideas (thank you to all of you who took the time to send me pins!) and ONE amazing offer to DO THEM FOR ME from the sweet little sister duo The Bash Sisters.


    Naturally I wept with relief.
    Ok. I didn’t.

    But I was SUUUUPER happy to have someone take the reigns and help keep us looking fabulous here at Cheerfully Made.

    Let me back up for a minute.

    I met Meaghan + Michelle (The Bash Sisters) for the first time the morning of our all-but-rained-out Canada Day Etsy Event here in Almonte. They were vendors participating in the show with their party supplies and I had also commissioned them to help decorate the entrance of the event so, naturally, they were the first to arrive on the (soaking wet) scene.

    They were all smiles and encouragement as they watched on from what was essentially the front row seats of my personal break down.

    And they kept on smiling as they helped me trouble shoot what was potentially a show stopping situation into something resembling lemonade. (Who’s got two thumbs and loves This is Us ? This girl. #thosewhogetitgetit)


    They put together this beautiful archway and hand painted sign…and moved it, in the rain about a million times while I flipped flopped about what our rained out Plan B was going to be.

    Naturally they became my new best friends and personal heros for making it look like I meant for it to rain 500 centimetres so that we’d have to relocate 63 vendors in less than 2 hours and have this gorgeous archway to escape the rain under.

    So that’s the back story.

    After graciously offering to help with my windows, The Bash Sisters promptly sent me two mood boards with ideas for the displays.


    CheerfullyMade - Fall Moodboards_Page_2

    CheerfullyMade - Fall Moodboards_Page_3


    CheerfullyMade - Fall Moodboards_Page_4

    CheerfullyMade - Fall Moodboards_Page_5

    My instinct was to go with Option Two because it would be hella easy to transform into a winter scene right after Hallowe’en, but I could tell the girls would have more fun with the Modern Hallowe’en option, so in the spirit of making life more complicated fun that’s what we picked.

    We agreed on a materials budget of $125 (of which they only spent $103!) and picked a date to get started.

    In all my years working with creative people, one of the most important things I’ve learned is that when you hire capable people, you get the best out of them if you just let them do their thing.

    So I met the girls on our agreed upon date, gave them the keys to the shop (and my heart) snapped a few progress shots, effed the eff off.


    Creating under the constraints of my nightmare shop office space.

    The result? Hallowe’en magic.


    Clementine trying to convince a friend it’s HER shop.

    I think what made me the MOST happy was how responsibly they spent my money.

    That’s so important to me as a self employed person.

    With things as simple as wrapping paper and googley eyes, they made an adorable and  huge impact.


    With food colouring, water and a white marker, they made potions and elixirs.



    With an umbrella and a pair of dollar store stockings, they made a witch appear to descend from the ceiling.


    Our witchy window.

    The Bash Sisters also expertly incorporated some items for sale in the shop into the displays. We lovingly carry Low Poly Craft DIY kits here at Cheerfully Made, and owners Britta and Adrian generously stocked us up with some Hallowe’en inspired kits like jack-o-lanterns and ravens as well as a few special props like this scary guy.


    Low Poly Craft tarantula!


    More Low Poly Craft lovelies.

    Bottom line, there is nothing like a “current” window display to make me feel like I’ve got my shit together as a shop owner.


    The Bash Sisters were so fun to work with, easy going and super capable. I basically did nothing. Which is ideeeeeal.

    I truly can’t say enough good stuff about them.

    If you find yourself in need of some help doing your own windows (even if you’re not close to Ottawa, I’m sure they’d be happy to consult!) or are looking for decor ideas for your next party, you should hire them.

    I’m in talks now with the girls to make this a seasonal thing.

    But for now, it’s going to be very hard to say goodbye to these beauties in a few short weeks.


    Sarah Evans (ShoeBox Pics) was quick enough to snap this picture of a passing customer who MATCHED the windows perfectly. Can you say “serendipity”!?

    Happy Hallowe’en!

    xo Em

    NOTE: Every beautiful photo (and none of the not beautiful ones) were taken by the wonderful Sarah Evans of ShoeBox Pics. You should hire her too.


      Have More Fun // Meet Blondie Apparel

      According to the women behind Blondie Apparel (our sponsors for the 2017 Etsy Made in Canada show!) I could also title this post “How to Operate a Business via Text Message.”

      Because that’s how Blondie co-owners Brodie O’Connor and Michelle MacGillivray roll.

      They don’t take things too seriously when they don’t have to.

      And when they do, they get down to business…and get back to having fun doing what they love as soon as possible.

      I sat down with the girls in the back of Brodie’s shop doree’s habit for a quick chat about all things Blondie Apparel.


      These two met approximately 5 years ago when Michelle approached Brodie in her clothing store doree’s habit to discuss the possibility of selling her line of clothing.

      They became fast friends and, shortly thereafter, business partners.

      Brodie is like me.

      An entrepreneurial spirit through and through.

      So when she met Michelle and saw that they shared the same aesthetic and attitudes, her brain just starting ticking with ideas on the things they could create together.

      “I asked Michelle if she’d be open to collaborating on a line of clothing. I had ideas, but not the pattern making or sewing skills.” Brodie tells me.

      Michelle had been running her own clothing business vandentillaart clothing for a few years at the time and, despite a great deal of success, she was finding it a bit isolating.

      “After making my own way in the fashion industry for a while, I liked the idea of a collaboration. It’s always easier to be creative with someone to bounce idea off of.” says Michelle.

      The two decided to start small and developed a line of scarves for their first project, aptly named “col.lab.o.ra.tion” to be sold in Brodie’s retail clothing shop doree’s habit.


      “One of the first scarves we made was called ‘the Lenny’,” laughs Brodie, “Because when we were making it Michelle grabbed the bolt of fabric and wrapped it around her neck like she was Lenny Kravitz.”

      “You mean like this?” I ask, and show them a picture I’ve just pulled up on my phone.

      “Exactly!” laughs Brodie.

      The two sewed the line of scarves (which quickly expanded into tank tops, arm- and leg-warmers, ponchos+++) themselves in their home studio (whenever possible, on the porch!) until it became apparent that they had a good thing going.13322001_1709730495967126_8418409429433101236_n

      They had so much fun creating that first line together, and were so inspired by the response that they decided to make co.lab.or.ation an ongoing affair.

      And so Blondie Apparel was officially born.


      “We started just by selling here at doree’s and at craft shows, then on Etsy. Now we also have a website and a list of more than 20 Canadian stockists that we wholesale to.” says Michelle.

      “Basically we were getting more orders than we could keep up with.” says Brodie “I hardly ever even have our items in my own shop!”

      Retailer demands, web sales, Etsy and a growing number of craft shows (including Etsy Made in Canada and the beast that is the One of a Kind Christmas show) meant they had to look for help.

      And though they still do a lot of their own sewing, they have begun to outsource some of their production to keep up with demand.

      “We employ a small number of sewers based in Toronto now,” Michelle tells me. “It took us a while to find a Canadian manufacturer who could compliment our brand and offer the level of quality we pride ourselves on, but we finally found them.”

      It’s important to Blondie Apparel that all of their items are made here in Canada.

      “So many clothing makers claim to be Canadian made, but really they’re just Canadian designed and made elsewhere.” says Michelle. “Our prices reflect not only the quality of the product we make, but also the fact that they’re made here by seamstresses who are fairly paid and work in ideal conditions. That’s not something we’re willing to compromise on.”


      Michelle and Brodie in their booth at their first One of a Kind Show.

      Michelle is a graduate of Fashion Design at LaSalle in Montreal.

      She’s also Dutch which, when I asked her the significance of that little tidbit she replied, “I’m not a huge risk taker. When we make a new piece and we know it’s going to go into production, I’ll be like ‘Let’s order…a dozen.’ and Brodie will be like “Whhhhhaaaat? No. We need a hundred. At least!”

      A literal truck load of East End sweaters.

      A literal truck load of East End sweaters and ponchos.

      I ask Michelle if, now that they have some proven success, she has a bit more guts when it comes to purchasing larger quantities.

      “Nope!” she laughs.

      Both women agree that it’s this balance in their relationship that makes things work. And although there are some ways in which they couldn’t be more different, at the end of the day you begin to wonder if they’re separated at birth. And not just because they’re both blonde.

      They have fun.

      “Yeah. We have a lot of fun.” says Michelle.

      In fact, having MORE fun is what Blondie’s latest line is all about. (Maybe it should be what we’re ALL all about.)

      Their line of for Fall/Winter 2017 will be showcased at the Etsy Made in Canada Ottawa show. (They’ve even designed our swag bags!) Blondie’s newest creations include a range of beanies and a hoodie that I KNOW is going to become a new staple in a lot of women’s closets.

      Blondie FW 2017-18_013_Web

      Their versatile Poncho is back, and the perfect travel accessory.

      Blondie FW 2017-18_057_WebBlondie FW 2017-18_056_Web

      The long sleeved Riverbend Tunic is essentially the most amazingly comfortable and versatile dress I’ve ever owned.


      I can dress it up with some boots and some accessories, or throw some leggings and a denim jacket (or better yet, a Trinity vest!) over this baby and I’m golden.


      For me, the best part about Blondie Apparel is that all of their pieces work together. I’ve long contemplated the idea of creating myself a capsule wardrobe to make the morning get up and go easier (not to mention to finally quit it with the wasteful spending on disposable clothing!) and Blondie is the first place I’d start.

      As sponsors of this years event (and participating as vendors for their fourth consecutive year), Blondie will have a larger dedicated space to accommodate the hoards of loyal customers that are looking forward to seeing them at the Bell Sensplex.

      Etsy-13 I ask them what they think it is that makes their customers special.

      “Honestly, they are SO loyal it’s crazy.” says Brodie. “It’s not uncommon for our clients to purchase the same sweater in multiples.”

      “I think also, that we are super honest with our customers. We always tell them what looks good, and what doesn’t, and genuinely want them to love our clothes. I think they really trust us at this point.” say Michelle. “We don’t make anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves.”

      “And we are also super excited when people put our stuff on and it looks good.” she adds laughing. “Like we say ‘yay!!!’ a ton.”

      “Yeah. We say ‘yay’ a LOT.” adds Brodie. “And yippie! Most of our texts are just long strings of ‘Yay!’s and ‘Yippee!’s. Because we’re really are so excited to be doing what we love to do, and making people happy.”


      The Blondie girls having more fun. :)

      So let’s talk about mistakes.” I say wryly. “I don’t want people to think this maker stuff is always easy. Tell me something that you messed up…and maybe learned from.”

      The two look at each other and shrug, until I see a flicker in Brodie’s eye.

      “Pyjamas.” she says.

      “Oh yeah. Pyjamas.” Michelle groans.

      “We made this line of pyjamas a couple years ago and they just never took off.” explains Brodie. “Because they were handmade and we chose good fabrics, they were priced to reflect that. But not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on something they don’t wear out of the house. Those pyjamas were a perfect example of us trying to do something we THOUGHT people wanted, instead of sticking to the script.”

      “We are so much better at that now.” Michelle chimes in. “We know our brand and our aesthetic and what our customers keep coming back for. We try new things, sure, but we never deviate from what we are good at.”

      I ask them what they’re good at.

      How they would sum up the Blondie aesthetic.

      They have trouble answering.

      Not because they don’t know I don’t think. But because it’s become so intrinsic in the way they create that they don’t have the words for it.

      But I do.

      Because I am a Blondie Apparel enthusiast.


      I own the East End Sweater in three colours.

      I have a Trinity vest, a pocket tee, a floral AND a striped Cross-Front AND a long sleeved tunic. I even have some leg warmers which, admittedly, I’ve never worn, but I enjoy owning nonetheless.

      I didn’t actually realize HOW much Blondie Apparel I have in my closet until I started this inventory exercise.

      What Blondie Apparel is to me is easy, ready-to-wear fashion. It’s all functional, but with thoughtful cuts and elements that make the pieces flattering and stylish. They’re the type of clothing items that you go to every time you reach into you closet because you know you look cute, you feel good, and you’ll be able to do whatever it is you need to do that day in them.


      Whether I’m running to the gym, or working in the shop, picking up a half ton of candle wax or meeting a friend for lunch, I can do it all with the same outfit pieces.

      I literally wear East End sweaters so often they’ve become my signature tops. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve left one behind at the gym, or at a party, only to have it immediately returned to me because the person “knew it was Emily’s sweater”.


      There’s something about that that makes me feel good.

      I thank the girls for our chat, and leave the shop the continue on my day of planning for the weekend’s event.

      I DO hope you’ll join us, and the 149 other incredible Etsy makers we are showcasing at the Etsy Made in Canada OTTAWA show this weekend. Introduce yourself to Blondie Apparel while you’re here, and come give me a hug!

      (I’ll be the one huddled in the corner praying nothing goes sideways :)

      In the meantime, you can check out Blondie Apparel on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy.

      Join the Etsy Made in Canada Facebook Event HERE for all the details or find the Made in Canada event closest to you HERE!

      xo Em



        Calling all Cheerleaders // We’re Hiring

        I’ve been avoiding this inevitability.

        After a solid 2 years of stability in the staff department, Cheerfully Made is losing TWO of our best cheerleaders to higher education.

        I literally could NOT be more jealous of the adventures they’re both about to have.

        I might even be persueded to give up both my first AND second born to be able to go back to the days of having my own shitty little apartment with sarongs and twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling… and meeting new lifelong friends… and learning new things…and thinking life was soooooo stressful when, oh lawwwwd what I wouldn’t give to have that exact amount of stress right now.

        But I digress.

        We’re hiring. And, no bones about it, here’s what we’re looking for:

        YOU ARE:

        – Naturally cheerful. (Because, seriously.)

        – Creative and also totally ok with constructive criticism. Like, I want you to make suggestions for new window displays, but I also want to be able to tell you if they stink without making you cry.

        – Sharp and quick witted. You would be SHOCKED at what customers will ask sometimes. Shocked.

        – Someone who takes both direction and initiative. I want to be able to drop off a box of new products and be confident that, if I don’t have time to do it, you will figure out a solution for how to display it instead of just leaving it for me on Monday. Because done is usually better than perfect and I can edit it later if I’m feeling micromanagerial.

        – Able to lift heavy things like boxes full of candle wax, or Unicorn Fart lip balms. We order that crap by the bushel full.

        – Able to troubleshoot basic computer issues. For example, the WiFi is a necessary evil and a constant disappointment.

        – Happy to work evenings, weekends and holidays. Ecstatic even.

        – Passionate about Almonte. A big part of our job here at Cheerfully Made involves tourism. It’s important that our employees know and care about Downtown (and uptown!) Almonte and are able to share that knowledge with our customers. What you don’t know, we’ll teach you!

        – A flexible team player. It is not uncommon that I ask my staff to help me out at extracurricular activities like craft markets, workshops, late night shop events and more. I am looking for someone who is happy to take on additional tasks and shifts (for pay, obvs) and is keen to help out in a pinch. This works both ways and I am always happy to accommodate when life gets in the way as well.

        – Comfortable talking on the phone (God forbid).

        – Someone who actually wants to work. I have heard the phrase “no one will ever care about your business more than you do” more times than I can count and, although it’s entirely fair if that’s true, I would sure love to hire people who could meet me half way. I have a lot of experience and ideas to share and I would just be so so sooooo excited to work with someone who is interested in learning a thing or seven about small business ownership and customer service.

        I’ll stop now. 😉

        THE TITLE: Sales Associate

        Roles and responsibilities include:

        Opening and closing the shop / Offering extraordinary and enthusiastic customer service / Managing and balancing the till / Receiving and inputting new product into our system / Merchandising /

        We are looking for two part time staff members to share the load of the following shifts:

        Weekdays 3pm to 6pm / Saturdays 10am to 5pm / Sundays 11am to 4pm / and occasional holidays.

        This job is perfect for students or the young at heart looking for retail work with the potential for growth. I am SUUUUUPER fun to work for. Ask anyone. Almost anyone.


        We will be setting up brief, 10 minute interviews Monday August 21st and Tuesday August 22nd between 11:30am and 1pm.

        If you wish to be considered, please send an email along with your resume and interview availability to and we will book you an interview time.

        If you have already sent us a resume, still email us. We can dig it up from our files and books an interview!

        xo Em



          Our Summer Getaway // Stillwater Cottages

          A few weeks ago we embarked on our first ever group cottaging adventure to Huntsville Ontario. My friend Kim stayed at a little place called Allen’s Landing (now Stillwater Cottages) with her family 2 summers ago, and since then has been insisting it’s the perfect place for us all to bring our families.

          She wasn’t wrong.

          Stillwater Cottages is a small cluster of 4 simple cottages on Clear Lake in Perry Township.


          View from the laneway as you enter the property

          Owners Clarence and Ingrid Dykstra live on the property in a larger home, and just in front of their spot sit 4 sweet little cottages that you can rent for approximately $1000 for the week. We decided that if we were going to rent, then we should try to rent all four cottages so that we’d know everyone on site.


          Clarence and Ingrid’s Home

          Brad and I claimed one, and the others were occupied by our friends Kim and Pete (and their two boys), Josie and John (and their two kids), and my sister Meghan, her husband Jeff and their four kids.

          Between the four families we had 10 kids and 8 adults.


          The whole crew. Still smiling on the last day!

          Ages ranged from 6 months to 40 years young…and thankfully the younger generation never did do the math required to figure out they had us outnumbered.

          The week was amazing.

          The space had a great waterfront with multiple docks, a lillypad, 3 kayaks, 2 paddle boats and a small beach. We had a fire pit, a climbing structure which the kids basically lived in (and on), a swing set and loads of toys. The kids just played played played.


          Boys digging for God knows what at the beach.


          Treehouse of dreams.


          “Mom! Check out my cape. I’m going to jump!”

          There was even this amazing waterslide which no child was too small to fly off of.


          John takes CeCe for a wee rip

          This is our normally super cautious, over-thinking, “what if?” Clementine hurling herself off the wrong side of the slide, and knee boarding for the first time.


          My heart explodes.

          Besides the littlest girls, Clem was a woman among goofballs and had no trouble rising to the occasion, leading the charge in games made up as she went along.


          “Ok boys. Here’s the challenge. Everybody grab a ball and try to get it in this bucket without falling off the playhouse. Kay? “

          I think, for me, the best part of being a parent is witnessing my kids having experiences like this. I know they won’t soon forget how much fun they had, and so so many memories were made.


          Kids ruining a perfectly good game of bocce ball.



          Spending this kind of time with their cousins was especially awesome.


          Cousins pondering life. Cohen and Griff.


          Cousins chillin’ like villains. Griff and Olie.

          I don’t remember the last time I spent more than a few days with my sister and bro in law (not to mention my friends!) and getting to hang with my nephews and niece with zero agenda was just something really special.


          View from Cabin 2.


          Two of my best besties. Josie and Kim.


          Melissa, John and Isla. Mixing things up and sharing the parenting load.


          Auntie Lou with CeCe, Isla and Hanky Joe.


          The magic hour. Aka time for s’mores.


          Henry experiments (unsuccessfully) with marshmallow eating methods.


          Watching this guy relax was pretty special too.


          Brad reading approximately 1.5 pages of his book before being interrupted.

          We made a couple of day trips into Huntsville to visit Deerhurst Resort (perfect solution to a rainy day at $20 per family for unlimited swimming, playing and arcading. Clem won the jackpot!) and the famous Kawartha Dairy (note to my future self: go for the kiddie cone) but other than that we were more than happy to stay put on our little compound away from reality.


          Olie showing the early signs of Bubble Gum Ice Cream overload.


          Our attention starved son, Olie, Rory, Clem, Cohen and Henry.

          I was honestly prepared to be staying in less than ideal conditions. Because, generally speaking, that’s what cottages are. Cobwebs and sand in your bed sheets basically.

          But Stillwater Cottages, is everything you need and more.

          We rented Cabin #2.


          Our home for the week. Cabin 2.


          Front door to our cabin


          Screened in porch


          Dining space


          Our cabin had two bedrooms.

          One master with a queen and a second with a double bunk bed that slept 3.


          Master with queen.


          View from Master doorway.


          Kids room.

          The place had electricity (WiFi!), running water (drinkable!!), a shower and flushable toilet. We brought our own sheets, but you can rent them for only $15 a room or something super reasonable. I can’t remember, but I know it was worth it.


          The kitchen was small but all you’d ever need and came fully equipped with dishes and cutlery (like corkscrew AND cheese grater equipped!), fridge, stove, coffee maker and microwave.



          Living room with tv

          Though we had a “no electronics” rule for the week, it sure was handy for me to be able to check emails, and in the evenings we made a mutual agreement to let the kids pass out in front of a movie so we could better enjoy adult time by the fire.

          And enjoy it we did.

          The BEST part about this place is that we get first right of refusal on booking the same week next year. I really hope that we can come again.

          I dunno know though.

          We’ll have to ask Griffin and see what he thinks.IMG_1986

          Until next time Stillwater Cottages!

          xo Em