Calling all Cheerleaders // We’re Hiring

I’ve been avoiding this inevitability.

After a solid 2 years of stability in the staff department, Cheerfully Made is losing TWO of our best cheerleaders to higher education.

I literally could NOT be more jealous of the adventures they’re both about to have.

I might even be persueded to give up both my first AND second born to be able to go back to the days of having my own shitty little apartment with sarongs and twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling… and meeting new lifelong friends… and learning new things…and thinking life was soooooo stressful when, oh lawwwwd what I wouldn’t give to have that exact amount of stress right now.

But I digress.

We’re hiring. And, no bones about it, here’s what we’re looking for:


– Naturally cheerful. (Because, seriously.)

– Creative and also totally ok with constructive criticism. Like, I want you to make suggestions for new window displays, but I also want to be able to tell you if they stink without making you cry.

– Sharp and quick witted. You would be SHOCKED at what customers will ask sometimes. Shocked.

– Someone who takes both direction and initiative. I want to be able to drop off a box of new products and be confident that, if I don’t have time to do it, you will figure out a solution for how to display it instead of just leaving it for me on Monday. Because done is usually better than perfect and I can edit it later if I’m feeling micromanagerial.

– Able to lift heavy things like boxes full of candle wax, or Unicorn Fart lip balms. We order that crap by the bushel full.

– Able to troubleshoot basic computer issues. For example, the WiFi is a necessary evil and a constant disappointment.

– Happy to work evenings, weekends and holidays. Ecstatic even.

– Passionate about Almonte. A big part of our job here at Cheerfully Made involves tourism. It’s important that our employees know and care about Downtown (and uptown!) Almonte and are able to share that knowledge with our customers. What you don’t know, we’ll teach you!

– A flexible team player. It is not uncommon that I ask my staff to help me out at extracurricular activities like craft markets, workshops, late night shop events and more. I am looking for someone who is happy to take on additional tasks and shifts (for pay, obvs) and is keen to help out in a pinch. This works both ways and I am always happy to accommodate when life gets in the way as well.

– Comfortable talking on the phone (God forbid).

– Someone who actually wants to work. I have heard the phrase “no one will ever care about your business more than you do” more times than I can count and, although it’s entirely fair if that’s true, I would sure love to hire people who could meet me half way. I have a lot of experience and ideas to share and I would just be so so sooooo excited to work with someone who is interested in learning a thing or seven about small business ownership and customer service.

I’ll stop now. 😉

THE TITLE: Sales Associate

Roles and responsibilities include:

Opening and closing the shop / Offering extraordinary and enthusiastic customer service / Managing and balancing the till / Receiving and inputting new product into our system / Merchandising /

We are looking for two part time staff members to share the load of the following shifts:

Weekdays 3pm to 6pm / Saturdays 10am to 5pm / Sundays 11am to 4pm / and occasional holidays.

This job is perfect for students or the young at heart looking for retail work with the potential for growth. I am SUUUUUPER fun to work for. Ask anyone. Almost anyone.


We will be setting up brief, 10 minute interviews Monday August 21st and Tuesday August 22nd between 11:30am and 1pm.

If you wish to be considered, please send an email along with your resume and interview availability to and we will book you an interview time.

If you have already sent us a resume, still email us. We can dig it up from our files and books an interview!

xo Em



    Our Summer Getaway // Stillwater Cottages

    A few weeks ago we embarked on our first ever group cottaging adventure to Huntsville Ontario. My friend Kim stayed at a little place called Allen’s Landing (now Stillwater Cottages) with her family 2 summers ago, and since then has been insisting it’s the perfect place for us all to bring our families.

    She wasn’t wrong.

    Stillwater Cottages is a small cluster of 4 simple cottages on Clear Lake in Perry Township.


    View from the laneway as you enter the property

    Owners Clarence and Ingrid Dykstra live on the property in a larger home, and just in front of their spot sit 4 sweet little cottages that you can rent for approximately $1000 for the week. We decided that if we were going to rent, then we should try to rent all four cottages so that we’d know everyone on site.


    Clarence and Ingrid’s Home

    Brad and I claimed one, and the others were occupied by our friends Kim and Pete (and their two boys), Josie and John (and their two kids), and my sister Meghan, her husband Jeff and their four kids.

    Between the four families we had 10 kids and 8 adults.


    The whole crew. Still smiling on the last day!

    Ages ranged from 6 months to 40 years young…and thankfully the younger generation never did do the math required to figure out they had us outnumbered.

    The week was amazing.

    The space had a great waterfront with multiple docks, a lillypad, 3 kayaks, 2 paddle boats and a small beach. We had a fire pit, a climbing structure which the kids basically lived in (and on), a swing set and loads of toys. The kids just played played played.


    Boys digging for God knows what at the beach.


    Treehouse of dreams.


    “Mom! Check out my cape. I’m going to jump!”

    There was even this amazing waterslide which no child was too small to fly off of.


    John takes CeCe for a wee rip

    This is our normally super cautious, over-thinking, “what if?” Clementine hurling herself off the wrong side of the slide, and knee boarding for the first time.


    My heart explodes.

    Besides the littlest girls, Clem was a woman among goofballs and had no trouble rising to the occasion, leading the charge in games made up as she went along.


    “Ok boys. Here’s the challenge. Everybody grab a ball and try to get it in this bucket without falling off the playhouse. Kay? “

    I think, for me, the best part of being a parent is witnessing my kids having experiences like this. I know they won’t soon forget how much fun they had, and so so many memories were made.


    Kids ruining a perfectly good game of bocce ball.



    Spending this kind of time with their cousins was especially awesome.


    Cousins pondering life. Cohen and Griff.


    Cousins chillin’ like villains. Griff and Olie.

    I don’t remember the last time I spent more than a few days with my sister and bro in law (not to mention my friends!) and getting to hang with my nephews and niece with zero agenda was just something really special.


    View from Cabin 2.


    Two of my best besties. Josie and Kim.


    Melissa, John and Isla. Mixing things up and sharing the parenting load.


    Auntie Lou with CeCe, Isla and Hanky Joe.


    The magic hour. Aka time for s’mores.


    Henry experiments (unsuccessfully) with marshmallow eating methods.


    Watching this guy relax was pretty special too.


    Brad reading approximately 1.5 pages of his book before being interrupted.

    We made a couple of day trips into Huntsville to visit Deerhurst Resort (perfect solution to a rainy day at $20 per family for unlimited swimming, playing and arcading. Clem won the jackpot!) and the famous Kawartha Dairy (note to my future self: go for the kiddie cone) but other than that we were more than happy to stay put on our little compound away from reality.


    Olie showing the early signs of Bubble Gum Ice Cream overload.


    Our attention starved son, Olie, Rory, Clem, Cohen and Henry.

    I was honestly prepared to be staying in less than ideal conditions. Because, generally speaking, that’s what cottages are. Cobwebs and sand in your bed sheets basically.

    But Stillwater Cottages, is everything you need and more.

    We rented Cabin #2.


    Our home for the week. Cabin 2.


    Front door to our cabin


    Screened in porch


    Dining space


    Our cabin had two bedrooms.

    One master with a queen and a second with a double bunk bed that slept 3.


    Master with queen.


    View from Master doorway.


    Kids room.

    The place had electricity (WiFi!), running water (drinkable!!), a shower and flushable toilet. We brought our own sheets, but you can rent them for only $15 a room or something super reasonable. I can’t remember, but I know it was worth it.


    The kitchen was small but all you’d ever need and came fully equipped with dishes and cutlery (like corkscrew AND cheese grater equipped!), fridge, stove, coffee maker and microwave.



    Living room with tv

    Though we had a “no electronics” rule for the week, it sure was handy for me to be able to check emails, and in the evenings we made a mutual agreement to let the kids pass out in front of a movie so we could better enjoy adult time by the fire.

    And enjoy it we did.

    The BEST part about this place is that we get first right of refusal on booking the same week next year. I really hope that we can come again.

    I dunno know though.

    We’ll have to ask Griffin and see what he thinks.IMG_1986

    Until next time Stillwater Cottages!

    xo Em


      Birthday Thoughts // Giving all the F*cks

      It’s my birthday today.

      I’m 38 years old. (I wish I could tell you I’ve never kissed a girl, but there are too many witnesses and anyways, who hasn’t?)

      I’ve just spent my weekend with old friends and new kids, thinking about how lucky I am to live in a world where, on your birthday, your Facebook blows up and, as a result, people honk as you walk down the street screaming “happy birthdayyyyy!!!” out their car windows.

      Where friends come over for a bonfire and bring everything needed for a sleepover.

      Just in case.

      Where neighbours come by with handmade presents and thoughtful cards, and someone from high school with a shared birthday (who you haven’t seen in ages) sends a beautiful message at midnight because it’s officially our most auspicious day.


      Adding to my collection of original artworks by Sarah Jaynes. Love you SO much Sarah.


      Midnight messages from an old friend.

      Where your aunt invites you to dinner because your folks are away, and your husband makes you a G&T without asking simply because it’s 4 o’clock. And it’s your birthday.

      I am SUPER ok with being 38.

      Like so okay it’s not even funny.

      I am so proud that it’s taken me ONLY 38 years to accumulate SO many wonderful people in my life.

      Everywhere I go I am lifted up by someone.

      There may be bad moments in my days but there are no bad days. Because people are generally amazing and thoughtful and giving with their love and their time and their energy.

      I keep seeing people write about how being in your forties is especially awesome because that’s the decade you can stop “giving all the fucks” (pardon the French) and just “do you”.

      But I’m not really interested in giving less fucks.

      I’m over here feeling pretty darned dedicated to giving as many fucks as possible because I believe that giving “all the fucks” is what makes the world go round.

      Giving all the fucks shows people you care about them and want them to succeed. I feel like people give me loads of fucks every day. Loads of them.

      You know what I mean.

      I’m grateful.

      And I’m not going to stop caring about what people think. I may not internalize everyone’s own personal drama like I have in the past, but I’m still going to care. A lot.

      Because caring makes us better. And it’s contagious. And it’s my birthday for like 7 more hours so you kinda have to.

      xo Em



        Life, Make, Show

        Write a New Story // Etsy Resolution 2017

        We are well into January and I’m still thinking about resolutions.

        It’s something I kind of do all year really, always striving to do more, do better.

        It’s a curse, and I know I’m not suffering alone with it either.

        I feel you out there. Making plans, maybe even purchasing a few tools to get them going, and then letting life get in the way of actually setting aside the time it’s going to take to launch.

        Generally speaking I’m actually quite good at accomplishing the things I set out to do, but there are still a many many areas of that need some work.

        Because I think I am seen to be a bit of a “do-er” however, I get asked often how I get so much done. I get asked questions like “How did you know that would be a good idea?”, or “What made you so confident it would work?”, or “How did you know where to start?”.

        I’m going to tell you something right now that would shock a lot of bank managers.

        I didn’t. I don’t know. I just started.

        Here’s my secret.

        I have been blessed with the blind confidence that if I put my mind to something, I can make it happen. I dunno. Maybe I’ve watched Field of Dreams so many times, there’s a whispery little cornfield in my ear repeating “If you build it, they will come”  so often it’s become my mantra.


        I get an idea, I tell myself I can do it, and I. Just. Do. It.

        Sometimes I try it on for size by actually telling people about what I AM doing, even before I AM doing it. Then I kinda HAVE to do it, and so I DO.

        Is that nuts?

        That’s a bit nuts, but by golly Miss Molly that shit works.

        And that’s what I mean about “your story”.

        Those little things you tell yourself, or others that, good or bad, eventually become reality. Some call it “self fulfilling prophecy”, and I’m here to tell you it’s the real deal. The only problem is, more often than not we are telling ourselves the wrong things to be successful. We start writing the wrong stories.

        Stories like “I’m not a morning person”, or “I’m so disorganized”, or (and this is one of the worst) “I can’t do that”.

        The key to being a successful person, and reaching your goals is to flip the switch on this crap talk. I can’t make you a morning person (I’m not one either, but I sure can fake it), but I can help you become a “I am really productive between the hours of 1pm and 6pm” person.

        “I’m so disorganized”? Flip that sucker on it’s bum and bing bang boom, we’ve got “I use tools like scheduled reminders and label makers for keeping my life in order.”

        And “I can’t”? Well there are just SO many ways of dealing with that one.

        My personal favourite is to just remove it from my vocabulary, but I know that’s not easy. I believe that everything can be tackled when broken into bite sized bits.

        “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time” (Creighton Abrams).

        For me, that means research and lists.

        When I first began thinking about opening the shop, I got super excited, followed almost instantly by totally overwhelmed. But I knew I wanted to do it so I had to chop that baby up into tiny little nuggets. Location, Funding, Staff, Product.

        And then I broke those nuggets into smaller nugettes like store front on Mill Street, Line of Credit/Family Loans, Tamara/Friends, Local Makers I know, and 3 months later I opened the doors to Hello Yellow (now Cheerfully Made Goods + Markets).


        Opening day at Hello Yellow, July 2013

        So what do you want to do differently this year?

        Write it. Say it. And start making a conscious effort to banish any negative talk from your mind.

        You are so powerful.

        You’ve just gotta start using that power for good and good will come.


        Me, happier than a pig in sh*t on opening night.

        A lot of you seem to have “grow my business” on your list, and some have already begun asking me about upcoming craft shows, specifically Etsy Made in Canada. We WILL be hosting the show again this September (get on our mailing list and stay in the know!) and if this is something you have been dreaming about applying to, I’m going to give you a great tool to DO IT.


        Shopper among the crowds at Etsy Made in Canada / Ottawa

        It should be noted that you do NOT have to have an Etsy shop to participate in every one of our shows, but for the Etsy: Made in Canada, you do. If you’re not especially savvy with technology, opening up an Etsy shop can feel overwhelming. Not to worry, you’ve got lots of time.

        In an effort to help all of us, Etsy has come up with a series of steps and tutorials to help you launch and/or perfect your Etsy shop. It’s called Etsy Resolution and this is the 2nd year in a row they’ve run it.

        All you have to do is visit, enter your email address, and beginning January 27th your inbox will start receiving little bite sized steps, tips and tricks to both launching, and killing it on Etsy.

        No, I am not being paid to endorse the program.

        Yes, I have done it myself and, as a result, can attest that it’s exactly what you need to get off your wee crafty tush and start selling.

        So there you go.

        This year’s story is going to be different because you’re going to take action one step at a time. Whether it’s growing your business, or spending more time with your family, or making new connections, or ALL of those things. You can DO it.

        I’m here if you need me.

        xo Em


          Etsy Made in Canada // Ottawa 2016

          This will be my third year organizing Etsy Made in Canada here in Ottawa.

          I don’t know where the past 3 years have gone, but here we are less than a week out of the biggest show of my year. Again.


          What is Etsy: Made in Canada?

          Etsy: Made in Canada is “a national grassroots initiative celebrating the crafters, collectors and artisans in local communities across Canada.” Unlike other shows I organize, every maker who participates in Etsy:MIC is an Etsy seller. This year we’re celebrating in 38 cities from coast to coast (Find the market closest to you at and I can’t even begin to express to you how proud I am to be organizing this show for the third year in a row.


          With 150 sellers participating (we had 316 applications for this show!) it’s a huge undertaking, but the experience of watching so many hardworking hand makers in my community be successful doing what they love to do is something that I can hardly put into words.

          It’s awesome.

          Here in Ottawa, our show will run for TWO DAYS instead of just one. It’s the only way we could see managing the hordes of Ottawa (and area) Etsy enthusiasts, and it gives us even more opportunity to raise funds for our 2016 charity of choice: 13 Muesli. More about them HERE.


          Etsy Made in Canada Ottawa takes place September 24th + 25th from 10am to 4pm at the Bell Sensplex (1565 Maplegrove Road, Kanata MAP IT).

          Cost of admission is $5, kids and parking are free and 50% of our door goes to our charity.

          (Last year we raised more than $25K for the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre!)


          So who’s going to be in attendance at Etsy Made in Canada?

          The Made in Canada editorial team at Etsy has made their Canada wide picks (check them out here!), but I have a few favourites that will be at our Ottawa event. You can search the whole line up by visiting here and clicking on ETSY MADE IN CANADA. Obviously :)

          I’ve chosen my faves based not only on talent, but also on the personality, attitude and overall awesomeness of the maker. Cuz that’s super important to me when I host a show. As I think I’ve made clear a few times now, this is about me having fun as much as it is about putting on a great event.

          That might sound selfish, but I think we could all stand to surround ourselves with as many awesome people as possible, and when you come to a show hosted by yours truly, you’re only going to meet the best of the best folks.

          First up,

          ANICK BAUER

          The first time I met Anick was at our Spring show here in Almonte. She arrived bright and early for set up, parked right in front of the load in door, and promptly locked her keys in her car.

          With all of her stuff still inside.

          That’s not what I like most about her though.

          What I like most about Anick, is how she handled that situation. There she was, in a strange little town, standing in front of her car packed with all this product she’d just slaved over, and she’d locked her keys right in that darn thing.

          But did Anick freak the freak out?

          No she did not.

          We called CAA, had ourselves a wee coffee break, helped a few other vendors load in, and before you knew it, help had arrived. Anick is my kind of people.

          Total bonus: she makes awesome stuff.

          And obviously practices what her tea towels preach. V important.

          Shop Anick Bauer on Etsy HERE



          Greg and Jennifer Swaine (AKA the nicest couple you will ever meet) are the creators behind STOUTHEART Shave Company. These guys are two of the most cheerful, friendly folks I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They work hard, are super open to feedback (not that they need any) and make every customer they come into contact with feel important.

          Sometimes I just walk past their booth just to perk myself up. No kiddin’.

          Also, sometimes they send me nice texts late at night when they think I might need one.

          They are thoughtful, good people who make a fantastic product and, one day, when they’re millionaires living the dream, I just know they’re not going to forget about any of us.

          Shop STOUTHEART on Etsy HERE


          JBFord Studio

          Reasons I like Jeremy Ford:

          ONE He makes sweet little pottery homes for otherwise neglected things like air plants and cooking utensils.

          TWO He sometimes does things like host a spontaneous neighbourhood cocktail party on an abandoned couch in front of my aunt’s house.

          Hanging air plant holder, black and white hanging planter potteryUtensil holder / vase pottery black and white / white clay with black design

          Shop JBFord Studio on Etsy



          Jennifer Bennett of LaLuciole has participated in several of our shows now, and I need to take a minute to give a little shoutout to this woman.

          First of all, her stuff is amazing. Let’s just get that out of the way.

          Secondly, SHE is amazing.

          Jennifer comes to every event I’ve hosted her at, with THE most breakable product ever.

          But does she ask for a wall? Or whine about electricity? Or fuss about the fact that her booth neighbour is a hand talker and might just knock down her entire display?

          No she doesn’t. She just shows up, and sets up and is as cheerful and easy going as all flipping get out.

          She is what I like to call a show organizers dream. (I know, so creative.)

          I wish all makers could be a little more like Jennifer Bennett.

          Four Blown Glass Stemless Tumblers. Free Ship to Canada. 3" by 2" in greens. Hand made for wine, spirits, scotch, port, juice.

          Shop LaLuciolle on Etsy HERE.



          Sarah Jaynes is a high school art teacher who is talented beyond belief (you have to follow her on Instagram and watch her do a time-lapse video of one of her drawings at some point before you die) and is also quite possibly one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met.

          She’s so thoughtful in fact that just a few days ago she put a casserole on my doorstep so that my family won’t starve this week.

          And once? Once she hacked a package of Starburst candies so that it would ONLY have pink ones just because I posted this dorky quote about not letting anyone treat you like a yellow Starburst. (What?! Like you’ve never been in a mood.)

          That’s not why she’s in the show though.

          This is why she’s in the show:


          Shop Mississippi North on Etsy


          Last but not least, BLONDIE APPAREL.

          Oh Blondie, Blondie, Blondie.

          Blondie Apparel is owned by Brodie O’Connor and Michelle VandenTillaart. (We’ll just call her Michelle V.)

          Brodie owns a little shop across the street from my own called doree’s habit, full of everything I’d ever want in my closet. We’ve been friends for several years now, and she’s one of the reasons I love running a business in Almonte.

          In a nutshell, Brodie is the girl who starts the dance floor.

          In the good way.

          I got to know Michelle a bit better in April of this year when the 3 of us and our husbands took a spontaneous trip to Halifax. (Because Porter). She’s kind of like a tiny comedian who repeats the same joke over and over, but instead of it getting annoying, it gets funnier.

          That’s a very unique skill.

          I’m not sure there’s another person in my cache of friends who can get away with that brand of lazy humour.

          I own literally (but not literally because, who am I, Melania Trump?) seven of every item these girls have ever made. Because they get me and my body and all the things I want to highlight (upper body) and not highlight (buuuuummmm). Every piece makes me feel casual, comfortable, and somehow, like I have my fashion act together.

          Ps. I own both of these pieces.

          East End Sweater in Salt & Pepper

          And this one in a few colours.

          Shop Blondie Apparel on Etsy HERE


          So what’s that? Six?

          A mere SIX of 150 truly awesome Ottawa area handmakers who will be participating in the 3rd annual Etsy Made in Canada (#etsy613 yo!) this weekend at the Bell Sensplex.

          For more info, to ask questions and to map the event, hit up our Facebook Event page HERE and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and search #etsy613 to see what our makers are up to this week!

          Hope to see you this weekend Ottawa!

          xo Emily